Pantaleone's survived Kitchen Nightmares -- but is that pizza now dreamy?

Danielle Lirette
Our recent list of the twelve best pizza spots in Denver raised a ruckus. In an outpouring on the Cafe Society blog, people took sides as if their dough -- not the floury white stuff -- depended on it. Interestingly, no reader gave a shout-out to Pantaleone's, even though the nearly thirty-year-old pizzeria was profiled earlier this month on Kitchen Nightmares.

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Pantaleone's reports an uptick in business since the episode aired, with people who caught the show making the trek to the aging shopping center in Holly Hills.

And is the post -Kitchen Nightmares Pantaleone's worth the trip? Or is it still a trip back in time?

Find out tomorrow morning, when my review of Pantaleone's is posted here.

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