Reader: My favorite place for brunch is nowhere, 'cause I hate the idea of "brunch"

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Lori Midson
One of the delicious reasons Fooducopia won Best Brunch in Denver.
The forecast is sunny, at least for tomorrow, so diners all over Denver are already making plans for brunch, this city's favorite meal. After the Best of Denver 2014, in which we named Fooducopia the Best Brunch, we served up our list of the dozen best brunch spots in Denver -- and in responses readers delivered many alternative suggestions, hinted at secret breakfast spots where there's never a wait, mocked the "hipster douchebags" who line up for brunch, and even delivered a smackdown to the brunch concept itself.

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Says milleralexjames:

My favorite place for brunch is nowhere, 'cause I hate the idea of "brunch" -- hanging out for 4 hours, drinking $9 mimosas and getting nothing done. Weekends are too short to sit at a table for some eggs Benedict -- get there early and get on with your day!
Where will you be tomorrow morning? Heading to the mountains or the park, snagging a table in some undiscovered gem, or waiting in line for brunch? Post your plans below.

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davebarnes topcommenter

The trick is to have bottomless mimosas for $9.
And, for some of us, the weekends are not short.

Mantonat topcommenter

@davebarnes  I can think of few greater pleasures than catching up with friends over a leisurely brunch with tasty beverages. Busy is for other days of the week.

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