Reader: Westword, you always go after servers!

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Manners don't seem to improve with age. Since Sean Kenyon offered his list of the "Ten rudest things servers and bartenders do to guests to make them wish they'd never come in" two years ago, restaurant behavior has not improved, judging from the comments posted after we reheated and served his list yesterday. But while servers may still behave badly, so do diners...and commenters.

See also: "Ten rudest things customers do to servers to make them wish you'd never come into their restaurant"

Says Paisley:

Westword, you ALWAYS go after servers. Did you ever stop to consider they make sh*t pay, they have to deal with your nasty swine flu germs, they are hassled by management/other customers/your PLEASANT self and did I mention they make sh*t pay? No benefits? No paid vacation? No job security? Is this just because your proctologist is a jerk and you can't retaliate against HIM so you have to find easier prey? Well, it's getting old for this reader.
What are the worst things customers do to servers?

For inspiration, read our "Ten rudest things customers do to make servers wish you'd never come into their restaurants." Post your thoughts there, or in the comments section below.

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Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

I think Paisley doth protest too much.  Her comment is full of generalizations.  A good friend of mine does not make sh*t.  He works at a popular beef emporium - owns his car (newer than mine), condo is paid for and he gets benefits and vacation.  Plus, even he'll tell you, he doesn't pay taxes on all of his income.  So, I'm not saying his job is perfect but I'm not starting a charity drive for him.


@Denver Dave  Yeah, I find it weird how some (SOME!) servers get up on the cross when they actually make more than minimum wage in tips as opposed to retail workers who are stuck at $8/hour and not allowed to receive them. Then there's the whole taxes thing you mentioned. It sucks but I'm more concerned with the $8/hour Walmart worker, sorry.


@Denver Dave  

I couldn't agree more.  My wife is the GM of a "popular beef emporium"  and the servers that give a shit and actually work make quite the living.  The ones that take first cut...they seem to complain the most.

Well said Dave.

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