Reader: Rachel Weisz is possibly sexy enough to turn me vegan

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Just in time for Earth Day, PETA has released the finalists in its PETA's Sexiest Vegan Next Door 2014 contest, and Jeb Brovsky, a 25-year-old Lakewood resident -- when he's not playing soccer for the Montréal Impact of Major League Soccer -- is one of ten male finalists. "I am a fun-loving optimist and animal lover who just happens to kick a ball for a living," he says. And when he's not kicking a ball, he's fighting for animal rights, running his own non-profit called Peace Pandemic, and name-checking PETA on social media.

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Says Karl:

Rachel Weisz is possibly sexy enough to turn me vegan (I have experimented with it, found it intriguing). This man is not.
What are the best arguments for turning vegan? The best arguments for not turning vegan? And when you want a good vegan meal, where do you go in Denver?

By the way, there are ten more days to support our hometown vegan. Vote here. And in the meantime, here's a look at Rachel Weisz in Oz the Great and Powerful:


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Empyrean Eclipse
Empyrean Eclipse

Uh, no. That's like asking if any Focus on the Family spokesperson could convince me to be pro-life

Bill Gould
Bill Gould

Been vegetarian for 10 years and still think peta sucks.

Sam Scott
Sam Scott

Don't worry Vegan's. I'll eat your share of delicious mouth watering bacon

Matt Leising
Matt Leising

They've actually convinced me to eat more

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