Zocalo closes South Broadway location

A notorious black hole location on South Broadway has claimed another victim: The southern outpost of Zocalo closed its doors at the end of March.

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In the '70s, the building at 2200 South Broadway was held a Mr. Steak. Since then, it's been home to El Ranchito, Broadway Grill, Hades and El Olvido, among other ill-fated ventures.

Zocalo's original location at 12 East 11th Avenue in Capitol Hill is still going strong. The restaurant was opened by members of the Vargas family, including a veteran of the nearby Benny's, nearly four years ago, and won our Best Free Chips and Salsa award in the Best of Denver 2013.

Location Info

Zocalo - CLOSED

2200 S. Broadway, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Zocalo Restaurant & Bar - CLOSED

12 E. 11th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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Maybe if the Landlord was realistic about the rent an operator could make the location work.


Let's hope for a revival of Mr. Steak or maybe another historic spot like Sirloin Stockade, Denver Drumstick, Bundy's Festival, Lutz's, Duffy's Shamrock or White Spot.

ScubaSteve topcommenter


Shakey's Pizza Parlor, Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor, Chicken Delight, the Golden Ox, Chicago Speakeasy, Grampy's Pancake House...........


Good calls on Golden Ox and Chicago Speakeasy. Anyone else remember Hoover's? It was across 8th from Colorado General. Or Georgia Boys BBQ?

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

@denvergregg  Sure - I remember Hoover's - last place other than Gala Gardens with Jello on the menu.

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