Latke Love closing May 31, may move

Latke Love Facebook Page
Latke Love apparently wasn't getting a lot of love from its landlords, and the spot on East 28th Avenue will close at the end of May as a result. It had only been open as a brick-and-mortar store for a little over a year, after a test run as a mobile-food vendor.

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Last week, Latke Love posted the following note outside its doors and on Facebook:
We regret to let you know that we will be closing July 27, 2014. We are currently looking for a new location and hope to open again soon.

But on Facebook yesterday, the shop noted that the closing "may be sooner."

And it is: A third note soon appeared, announcing that Latke Love had "tried negotiating a three-month lease extension" but failed to do so. And then came this:

I am sorry to let everyone know that it is worse than expected. We will close our doors on May 31st. Too sad to say anymore.

The restaurant's owners are hoping to find a new location, though, so there could be more Latke Love to love again soon.

Location Info

Latke Love - CLOSED

5151 E. 28th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: General

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So sorry to hear about this....We went through the same issue with our landlord.Don't let it discourage you!

Becky Hensley
Becky Hensley

I know! It's stupid! They are amazing! Their food is amazing and they are good people! xox

ScubaSteve topcommenter

I won't miss the place because I hadn't even heard of it!

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