Ella will replace Radda Trattoria in north Boulder

Boulder will be getting a new upscale diner when Ella replaces Radda Trattoria in early June. Matt Jansen had opened the neighborhood Italian spot in the midst of north Boulder's low-rise sprawl seven years ago, but now it's reached the end of the line.

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Not to be confused with Trattoria on Pearl, which closed last week, Radda Trattoria is now owned by Edwin Zoe and his mother, who also owns Zoe Ma Ma in downtown Boulder.

Edwin Zoe is planning to close Radda Trattoria at the end of May and reopen it in June as Ella, a traditional American diner. "I want people to come to Ella for their favorite classics, without feeling rushed or disappointed," he said in an announcement of his plans. "This will be elevated diner fare, and the fine-casual setting will encourage people to linger and enjoy themselves."

The restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner daily and will include a full bar.

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1265 Alpine Avenue, Boulder, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Disappointed to hear that this won't be an expansion or upscaling of the Zoe Ma Ma concept.  Boulder already has plenty of restaurants that serve upscale versions of American classics (burgers, mac and cheese, roast chicken, meatloaf, etc.), and the "upscale diner" concept has failed here in the past (anyone remember the Blue Plate?).  What we DON'T have is any kind of upscale Chinese food, like Mission Chinese in SF/NYC, or even something like ChoLon in Denver.  That's a niche waiting to be filled here, and Mr. Zoe seems like a good person to do it (I'm a fan of Zoe Ma Ma, would love to see more of it).  

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