Reader: Two Prosts? This is nuts!

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Prost Brewing opened on the edge of Highland two years ago.
Can there ever be too much of a good thing? That's the question in Highland, where Prost Brewing has been making and serving beer since 2012 -- and now an outpost of a Frisco concept, Prost Fine Beer and Sausages, is slated to start serving beer and sausages this month. The two are not connected...except by about a mile or two of pavement. The owners of both Prosts say they're not concerned about confusion...but what about customers?

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The future Prost Fine Beer and Sausages.
Says Bagwhan:
I certainly appreciate the desire to co-exist and not litigate or pursue other adversarial paths, but this is nuts. Trademarks exist for a reason, to prevent brand confusion. These two will have problems that they will need to figure out.
What other name-game problems have you spotted in Denver? At one point, the city was slated to have not one, not two, but three unrelated O Bars. (Ultimately, it got just one: Obar next to Little Ollie's in Cherry Creek.)

Location Info

Prost Brewing

2540 19th St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Prost Fine Beer and Sausages

3464 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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Many brewers have practiced and even brewed under the mantra of "collaboration, not litigation." The beer industry is 99% friendly but the 1% disagreement makes the news including in this publication (Strange/Strange; Elevation/Renegade, etc.). I think both Prosts can and should live happily with one another and promote brotherly brand dual-recognition of one another's wares and locations. Guests want to know that both brands are good guys and not have to take sides. Collaboration beer, anyone? (note: Pohlman of Prost Fine Beer and Sausage is an accomplished brewer himself, so an easy fit). C'mon boys, fire up the kettle for Highland Helles!

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