Prost Brewing and the soon-to-open Prost Fine Beer and Sausages play the name game

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"Prost!" It's the German form of "Cheers!" A way to celebrate your drinking companions. But Prost Brewing and Frisco's Prost Fine Beer and Sausages, which plans to open a Denver outlet this month, may not be toasting each other with much gusto.

That's because there's sure to be some confusion about their names, particularly since the two waterings holes are in the same neighborhood. But the owners of both Prosts say they're not worried -- yet -- and that they plan to coexist.

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"We aren't affiliated with them, but they are nice people," says Dave Pohlman, the older half of the father-son duo that founded Prost Fine Beer in Frisco in 2010 and also owns the Cala Inn, a Celtic pub in Dillon. "It has never been adversarial."

Pohlman does point out that his company was in Colorado first, though, and has trademarked the name Prost. He says he's asked Prost Brewing to use PB or PBC rather than Prost on its packaging and signage, but isn't sure if it has.

Like its mountain sibling, the new Prost Fine Beer and Sausages, which is taking the place of the now-closed BOA at 3464 West 32nd Avenue, will serve twelve German and Belgian beers on tap, a selection of bottled German beers and locally-made sausages -- fourteen types -- along with pretzels, sandwiches and soups. It will also boast a 1,300-square-foot German-style biergarten in its Highland back yard -- which is just up the hill from Prost Brewing, on the edge of LoHi.

Dave's son, Scott Pohlman, says the family had been thinking about Denver for two years, since the Frisco spot has been "wildly successful," he says. "We don't carry any domestic beers or craft beers. "There are plenty of places to get Colorado-made beers around here. But no place to get what we carry."

Troy Johnston, a co-owner of Prost Brewing, which opened in 2012, says he's had a couple of conversations with the Pohlmans over the years but doesn't plan to change anything about the brewery since it makes beer and the other Prost doesn't. "We have had a few calls from people thinking they were us and we were them; that has picked up recently since they are opening here," he says. "But we do different things."

Just with almost the same name.

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Prost Brewing

2540 19th St., Denver, CO

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Prost Fine Beer and Sausages

3464 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO

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Mark Bromley
Mark Bromley

How come the taco bell sauce tastes different than it use too?

Matthew Nelson
Matthew Nelson

the only useless question in the world is "more beer?" because it's always a yes

Barbara Perez
Barbara Perez

Ohhh gawwwwd! More hipster douchbags in my neighborhood!


I certainly appreciate the desire to co-exist and not litigate or pursue other adversarial paths, but this is nuts.  Trademarks exist for a reason, to prevent brand confusion. These 2 will have problems that they will need to figure out.


Really? Sausage & Beer would be a great counter to all of the hipster taco bars in highlands square, get real.

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