The six hottest rosés of spring 2014 -- and where to find them

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Kendra Anderson
A sure sign that spring has sprung: this glorious rosé display at Mondo Vino.
You know that spring has officially arrived when, instead of tulips, you see bottles of rosé popping up everywhere you look. And even though the weather here in the Mile High City hasn't been exactly stellar, the season for drinking all things pink arrived earlier than ever, with the city's top restaurants and wine shops proudly displaying their commitment to the #JustDrinkPink cause as early as the end of March. During a recent spate of dinner parties and casual soirées, rather than overhearing appalled guests gasping, "What the hell is up with this pink wine?", we were delighted to catch cries of "Where the hell IS the pink wine?" This is what we in the wine business call "progress."

All of this proves that after years of trying to shake its reputation as sweet, unserious wine, rosé wines have finally proven that they are no joke. Read on for my list of the six hottest pinks to drink this spring, and where to go in Denver to score them.

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Kendra Anderson
The Bender Rosé Secco sparkles with delightful effervescence.
6) Bender Rosé Secco NV ($16)
We're kicking off our list of the season's must-drink pinks with a sparkler -- because of course we're starting off the list with a sparkler. This one features a blend of pinot noir and merlot from the Pfalz region of Germany, which may seem surprising to those of you who usually conjure up images of riesling when contemplating wines of Teutonic origin. What's unsurprising is how utterly delectable it is, with its easy-off beer-bottle cap closure, raspberry jam flavors and insouciant little bubbles. There's absolutely nothing formal about this bubbly -- we suggest slamming it at brunch, or pairing it with a prosciutto panini and fries. Actually, drink it as often as you can.

5) Ercavio Tempranillo Rosé 2013 ($11)
The lush, creamy strawberry aromas that assaulted our senses as we filled our glasses with this 100 percent tempranillo rosé were pure foreshadowing for what we tasted as this wine coursed across our palates -- rich, berry-licious flavors. Irrepressibly lively and a great pleasure to drink, it is the very embodiment of springtime wine drinking. A bit more voluptuous than other old-world rosés, its rich, fleshy mouthfeel makes it versatile enough to pair with everything from burrata to burgers. FYI, look for this rosé's big brother -- Ercavio's straight-up, full-bodied tempranillo, which would be just the thing to drink with barbecued ribs this summer.

4) Ametzoi Txakolina Rubentis Rosé 2013 ($18)
We know you're staring at the name of this wine and trying to figure out just how the hell you're supposed to pronounce it, and that's completely understandable. We'll break it down for you: 'Ametzoi' is the name of this vaunted Spanish winemaker, as bad-assed as they come given that they've been crafting the Basque-indigenous varieties found in Txakolina (pronounced "chock-oh-leena") wines for more than seven generations. Now that you know how to ask for it (and ask for it you will), let's focus on what's really crucial here -- the wine itself. The Ametzoi is the literal expression of what rosé wines should always be: fresh, fruity without being sweet, and infinitely quaffable. Even more enticing is the fact that most txakolina (like vinho verde) wines are possessed of a particularly thirst-quenching effervescence, and this one's no exception. Bonus: Its lower alcohol content means you can make like the Basques and porron this wine to your heart's content.

Keep reading for three more hot rosé wines.

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