Reader: Burgers without meat have a broader potential for culinary experience

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Park Burger burger with meat....
Our list of the ten best burgers in metro Denver included Park Burger -- which won bonus points for its veggie burger, a repeat winner for Best Veggie Burger in the Best of Denver. Some readers quibble with the idea of a meat-free burger qualifying as a real burger. But another reader wonders if burgers need meat at all....

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And Park Burger burger without meat.
Says Christopher:
Why are vegans always trying to emulate the taste of meat in their dishes? I don't try to make my steak taste like a cucumber, and when I have ribs, I don't think to myself, "This would be so much better if it tasted like something that I refuse to eat."

But then there's this from sporobolus:
A burger is just chemistry (taste) and physics (texture), so there's nothing theoretically requiring it be made with meat

in fact, meat is a limiting factor -- burgers without meat have a broader potential for culinary experience.

Do you believe a real burger can be made without meat? What's the best meatless burger you've had? The oddest?

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