Why does Work & Class seem so right now -- and so right?

Danielle Lirette
Work & Class opened in January -- in a building made of packing crates.
Rarely does a restaurant capture the moment as well as Work & Class, which opened in the Ballpark neighborhood this past January. And I'm not just talking about how it embodies 21st-century sustainability with its shipping-container shell.

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There's something about this American/Latin American eatery that seems so right now, as opposed to so twenty years ago, when dining trends tilted toward white tablecloths and fine service. Or so five years ago, when trained chefs took on burgers and pizza to stay afloat during the Great Recession. Or even so three years ago, when small plates kicked off entrees as king of the mountain.

Find out what makes Work & Class such a winsome -- and winning -- emblem of 2014 when my review is posted here tomorrow. (Hint: the Rioja-trained crew that's running the kitchen is only part of the answer.)

Location Info

Work & Class

2500 Larimer St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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