Reader: If Atticus wants to be a grown-up restaurant, it should serve grown-up portions

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Danielle Lirette
Atticus joined the University of Denver neighborhood in February.
For this week's review, Gretchen Kurtz visited Atticus, a spot in the University of Denver neighborhood that's made some changes since it opened in February -- partly at the request of that neighborhood. "We were supposed to open more as a bar with shared plates, but everybody kept coming in and thanking us for putting a restaurant in there," says Brian Midtbo, one of the owners. But in the transformation to a grown-up restaurant, Atticus has definitely suffered some growing pains, Kurtz writes....and readers agree. "Spot on review," says one.

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The bone-in chicken breast at Atticus.
Says Mark:
I want a full stomach after I eat. They want to be a grown-up restaurant, they should serve grown-up portions!!!

Adds DenverBen:

Another +1 to this review. I live in the neighborhood and love what they're trying to do at Atticus, but I've had experiences similar to Gretchen's with both food and service.
Have you eaten at Atticus? What do you expect from a neighborhood restaurant?

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1115 East Evans Avenue, Denver, CO

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My husband and live in the neighborhood and have been to Atticus five times. We've left disappointed after each visit. I agree with Mark about the portions - the entrees are especially meager. The bartenders have a light hand when it comes to the wine pours, as well. We keep hoping for improvement but just haven't seen it yet.

ScubaSteve topcommenter


Why the hell do you throw away good money when you keep going back?

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