Reader: The Denver BBQ scene is pretty lame

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Lori Midson
Barbecue from Big Jim's.
As a city that got its start as a true cowtown, Denver still has plenty of places where you can get great steaks and burgers. But good barbecue places are few and far between in the metro area. That's why Lori Midson hit the brakes when she saw Big Jim's, a parking lot operation in Parker run by a charming pit master who turned out some of the best 'que she'd had in Colorado.

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Says Denver Dave:

I have to say, as others have, that the Denver BBQ scene is pretty lame. Many years ago Daddy Bruce and M&Ds did a pretty good job. Now I don't waste the calories because I'm consistently disappointed.
And that brings up a meaty topic, one we can all sink our teeth into: Why doesn't Denver have more good barbecue joints? What spots around town do you consider worth the calories?

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The drive to Switchback Smokehouse on 74 in Kittredge is well worth the drive. After years in Texas this place was a great discovery!


Georgia Boys BBQ in Longmont


wayne's smoke shack in Superior is legit.

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

Hi there,

If you like the Bailey-based BBQ restaurant called Hog Heaven, I wanted to mention that they have a cart in Aurora several days a week as well, at Mississippi/Ironton (directly behind the stripmall containing Eatopia, reviewed last week in this very periodical).

It's mighty tasty!

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