Reader: How to enjoy a great burger free of pretentious surroundings and obnoxious drunks

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The award-winning burger at Bud's Bar in Sedalia.
It's summer time, which means its burger time. And as the weather heats up, so do the discussions over who serves the best burger in metro Denver. Do you like the gourmet version? The greasy bar burger? Or is your choice more personal? Our recent pick of the ten best burgers in Denver inspired dozens of responses, including this:

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Says whosdp:

Six oz. of ground chuck pressed flat, salt and pepper and a charcoal grill is a pretty simple recipe for a ''top ten burger." Flip it once, let it plump up, and top it with your choice of: extra-sharp cheddar cheese, grilled green chiles or onions (or both), thinly sliced tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, etc. Nestled in a decent hamburger bun, cut in half and served with kettle chips and a tasty brew, one can enjoy a great burger, free of pretentious surroundings and obnoxious drunks
Do you think the best burger in Denver is one grilled in your own back yard? If not, where would you recommend people go for the best burger in metro Denver?

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If anyone looks on my Twitter page, you will see great food, including burgers right from my kitchen..

ScubaSteve topcommenter

The best burgers, indeed, are made at home.

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