Cold Crush site of shooting last night that leaves three injured, one critically

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Cold Crush has made a splash since it opened on Upper Larimer in May 2013. We named the art- and music-centric spot one of the ten best new bars of the year and Cold Crush won the Best Hip-Hop Hangout award in the Best of Denver 2014. But now Cold Crush is in the spotlight for a reason no club would want: Last night it was the site of a shooting that left three people injured, one critically.

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Art on the side of Cold Crush.
Michael Roberts has been following the story on the Latest Word blog; you can read the latest here.

Cold Crush on a quiet day.

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Cold Crush

2700 Larimer St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Well I know one of the shooting victims and he is far from a "thug". There use to be a time where you could go out and not worry about being shot.

davebarnes topcommenter

Why anyone is out and about at 0230 is beyond me.

Stay home and be in bed at that hour and you will not be participating in any shootings.

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