Guess where I'm eating a Caesar salad?

Lori Midson

When the joint next door sternly turned us away, claiming that a catering order would prohibit the kitchen staff from cooking for its customers for at least thirty minutes (seriously?), we opted, in a pinch, for Italian food instead. And my kid, who's obsessed with Caesar salads, ordered one here, not remotely deterred by our server's warning that the dressing was "really, really anchovy-y." She was right, and although there were no actual anchovies on the salad, which my kid politely pointed out, the dressing was much better than the red sauce that slicks the pastas.

Can you guess where I'm eating?

Special bonus: Anyone who gives the first correct answer to a Guess Where post -- on the Cafe Society blog, not on Facebook -- is entered into the contest pool, and every Monday, we select one lucky winner who'll receive a 2014 EatDenver dining deck, worth up to $520 in discounts at independent restaurants.

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I don't know, but over the years I've found that salad is somewhat of a litmus test of a restaurant. If they pay attention to the salad, and serve fresh lettuce (or whatever) and tasty ingredients, it bodes well for the food in general. Though perhaps my rule failed here...


saucy noodle

ScubaSteve topcommenter

@DonkeyHotay @ScubaSteve

The only Angelo's food joint I know of in the area is the Angelo's Pizza that was remodeled and renamed Angelo's Taverna on 6th and Pearl in Denver.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@ScubaSteve ... but there is no restaurant "next door" that would have been swamped with a catering order.

Pablo's coffee is adjacent to Angelo's Taverna on one side, a dry cleaner on the other.

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