Bingo! Jake's has new management, but the same Wednesday wings deal

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If you journey to the far edge of RiNo at 3800 Walnut Street, you'll find a cozy sports bar with an awesome, dog-friendly patio:Jake's Food & Spirits. This watering hole has built up a good community feel over the last couple of years with theme parties for Walking Dead and live music on the weekends, but it's now working to expand that feel under new management.

We ventured in last Wednesday, which is 50-cent wing night at Jake's, but found another tasty surprise: Lelan's Bingo Road Show. It was free to play bingo -- but the winner wound up getting a hundred bucks, which definitely piqued our interest. According to server Stephanie Bracy, random prizes are given out through the game -- which is sponsored by Soda Jerk Presents, AEG and the Marquis Theatre -- including records, candy, money and tickets to shows. "You never know what's going to come out of his bag as a prize," says Bracy.

At 9 p.m., there was a twenty-minute wait for wings -- not bad, especially when we could grab spots by the fire pit on the patio.The wings were a much more predictable deal than the bingo: They're medium to large in size, and come in a variety of flavors: mild, hot, inferno, BBQ, lemon pepper, mango habanero and spicy Asian. Jake's has $3.50 Colorado Natives and $4 margaritas to wash them down. The rest of the menu has recently been revamped, but the prices are still between $9 and $12.

Lelan's Bingo Road Show runs from 8 to 10 p.m. every Wednesday. Find more information on Jake's website.

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Pete Bassline Inglis
Pete Bassline Inglis

I created the BBQ and mango habenero years ago....they've probably changed it by now

Jason DrSoul Lewis
Jason DrSoul Lewis

lol @ Pete. we can only hope so. That was my spot for a long time. I'd even drive from Aurora to eat at Jake's.


This place has gone downhill ever since the new management came to be.  Food quality is way down and they closed half the restaurant making it super crowded on busy nights.  Food portions are smaller and the menu is trying to be gourmet which is a huge fail for a sports bar.  I gave up on it a few months ago after many, many second chances.  It's a shame because this place was great, once upon a time.

joey murdah
joey murdah

Those are my favorite wings in Denver. Extra crispy, naked and hot buffalo sauce on the side.  I wish I still lived over that way. That was an awesome neighborhood hang out.

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