Kobe An Shabu Shabu could start swishing this month

It's been a long haul, but you soon may hear that swish-swish coming from Kobe An Shabu Shabu, the Japanese restaurant that's transforming the LoHi building at 3400 Osage Street that once held Little Pepina's. The deal was announced more than a year ago, and although Kobe An didn't hit its target date of June 3, work is continuing and the place should open before the end of June.

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Now if people would just quit hacking Kobe An's website, which is currently "down for maintenance."

Kobe An posted this update on its Facebook page late last week: "We are aware that our website has been hacked and are working on the problem. We'll have updates on opening soon. It's happening in June, we haven't set an exact date pending inspections."

Location Info

Kobe An Shabu Shabu

3400 Osage Street, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

Great news.  There has been a dearth of shabu shabu in Denver over recent years and I do love to "swish" - lol.  Speaking of dearths though.  Parking?  Yikes.

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