Morton's celebrates its 35th anniversary with a $35, three-course menu

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If you're looking for a good steak at a relative bargain, the tony and staid Morton's Steakhouse is offering a deal in celebration of the chain's 35th anniversary. Although the LoDo branch is considerably younger (it replaced an earlier version at the Tivoli), our sole metro Morton's is joining the party with a special menu this week.

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Even if you're not on the suit-and-tie circuit, run an iron across that old Men's Wearhouse shirt and sportcoat to prepare for the $35 three-course menu, which Morton's is offering from today, June 30, through Sunday, July 6.

Since it opened in Chicago in 1978, the restaurant chain has weathered the oil glut of the 1980s (which put a serious dent in the expense accounts of steak-loving oilmen), an influx of other big steakhouse groups, the small-plates movement and the 2011 purchase of the chain by Landry's Inc., which resulted in the closing of several locations, including the Morton's in the Tech Center. You may recognize the Landry's moniker from the eponymous Landry's Seafood Restaurant, but the hospitality giant also operates under a range of recognizable names downtown, including the Downtown Aquarium, Willie G's, Oceanaire and the decidedly un-Denver Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Despite the changes, Morton's has held down the LoDo location since 1995. At Morton's this week, the anniversary menu options include a salad or soup starter, an entree -- the six-ounce filet mignon stands out -- and a choice from two desserts. Since no steak should have to go it alone, an option of horseradish mashed potatoes or perennial favorite sauteed broccoli florets will stand up with the guest of honor.

Find more information on the Morton's website.

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ScubaSteve topcommenter

Thirty five bucks ain't bad considering that's what you'll normally pay at places like Morton's, Elway's, Shanahan's, Del Frisco or Brooks for a tossed salad and a baked potato.

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

Amen to that! Just a steak alone on a plate will run you that at most of our steak houses.

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