New Solera bar manager Myles Fischer revitalizes cocktail program

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Kevin Galaba
The Blushing Chamomile, Fischer's tart and floral seasonal cocktail.
Sometimes, the journey is worth the reward. You want the destination to be like it is in the brochure. You want a return on your investment. You may find yourself in a remote part of town, thinking, "Where the heck am I?" What good thing could possibly be out here?

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And then you spot it.

You're on Colfax, heading East. The Bluebird Theater is behind you, as are a half-dozen Ethiopian restaurants, dilapidated auto-body shops and taco joints. In this dusty landscape lies Solera, one of Denver's culinary cornerstones, right where chef Goose Sorensen opened it more than a decade ago. It hasn't changed much, but Denver has grown up around it. And now it's Solera's chance for change, to make that thirteen-year journey worth the wait.

Making a similar journey is Solera's new bar manager, Myles Fischer. Originally from Boston, Fischer traveled to Denver three years ago after graduating from culinary school. But the distance from the East Coast to Denver was nothing compared to his trip from the kitchen to the dining room, and ultimately to behind the bar.

"I had a passion for spirits," says Fischer. "I had a passion for customer service, and that's what brought me behind the bar."

Kevin Galaba
Solera's new cocktail menu promises fresh summer flavors, including this Sky and Moon.

His first steps were at Gaetano's, the venerable Italian eatery in Sunnyside. He'd migrated from the kitchen to a server position when then-bar manager Kyle West offered him some barback shifts. "I went from a barback to a bartender to a floor manager," he recalls, adding that he "had an opportunity to become a bartender at Solera, and when the bar manager left to pursue other projects, I stepped into the role of bar manager."

On June 3, his new cocktail menu -- his first one -- launched at Solera, and it promises a departure from the more traditional libations that long-time guests may have become accustomed to. "I'm trying to showcase some fun, seasonal cocktails," he says. "I approach it very much like I approach food -- I try to stay seasonal. I try to stay local. I'm trying to set the tone for a light, summery cocktail menu."

Of his first collection of drinks, Fischer says, "It's kind of nerve-wracking, but I'm trying to make it work. I'm trying to work hard on it, and trying to make it my own.

"Almost every one of my cocktails are very sessionable or very light, very unique," he adds. "I try to bring light to some fruits, some nice herbs, floral notes. I kind of play around with the summer cocktail menu being all about summer flavors -- you should taste summer when you're drinking them."

Fischer's menu features nine drinks, three of which he made for us last week when we stopped in to taste what he was up to.

Keep reading for a taste of Myles Fischer's new bar menu at Solera.

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Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

Am I the only one who finds the term "cocktail program" pretentious?  Big deal you have a bar and a bartender.  Referring to that as a "cocktail program" is just an excuse to charge more for a drink - IMHO.


I love this place and it is so underrated in so many departments.  Best patio, Great Food and an awesome chef.  Now a killer bar program?

See you soon


@Denver Dave If it was just a guy mixing whisky sours and martinis, I'd say you've got a point.  This sounds like a seasonal menu of original creations designed to pair well with the current food menu.  While that practice is thankfully becoming increasingly common, it is much more involved than just having a bar and a bartender.  If they are creating their own syrups, bitters, infusions, etc., there is an entire "cocktail program" involved. 

Now referring to the cocktail menu as the "cocktail syllabus" -- that's pretentious.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Denver Dave ... like the Whole Pretentious Circus surrounding overpriced fermented grape juice.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@irish303 ... you should see their Parking Program and the Bathroom Program.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@TheJeff @Denver Dave ...

You should see their new Restroom Program, they've now got double-ply toilet tissue and auto-flushing urinals.

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