Reader: T-Wa helped pave the way for the proliferation of Vietnamese places in town

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It was the end of an era. After thirty years, the T-Wa Inn -- Denver's first Vietnamese restaurant -- went dark last weekend. But T-Wa's future started looking dim long ago, as other Vietnamese restaurants popped up all over town. And as owner Tom Lam told Jason Sheehan seven years ago: "It's really bad. Now, people can go anywhere. Restaurants open left and right. We're just trying to get people in the door again..."

Now those doors are closed for good.

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Says TheFabulousMarkT:

This is very sad. They helped demystify Vietnamese food for a lot of Denver diners, and paved the way for the proliferation of appealing places we have in town today.

Best wishes to the owners and staff.

Did you ever visit T-Wa? What are your favorite Vietnamese restaurants in town? And what to you recommend ordering there?

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555 S. Federal Blvd., Denver, CO

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Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

I honestly haven't been to T-Wa in a decade or more but it was my introduction to Vietnamese for which I will always be grateful.  Man, the crowds used to jam the place but then New Saigon happened which pretty much killed them single handedly.  And, now dozens of other options have sprung up, especially all the pho joints offering good Vietnamese at really bargain prices.  T-Wa really put Vietnamese cuisine on the map in Denver though - sorry to seem them go.


First place I ever ate Vietnamese food.  But they are right - now many great places to go all over.  No more need to drive to Federal.

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