First look: Baere Brewing on Broadway now open on Saturdays

Kevin Greer (left) and Ryan Skeels want to serve you a beer.
Ryan Skeels and Kevin Greer want to serve you a beer, and although the majority of their brewing equipment has been delayed, they're tired of waiting. Which is why they decided to open Baere Brewing for business on Saturdays for the time being.

"We didn't want to start this small, but it's actually a nice transition," says Greer. " We'd rather limit our hours and have six beers on tap than have three and keep running out."

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Baere's Berliner wiesse and hoppy brown.
The two homebrewers met several years ago through mutual friends and began looking for a spot for a brewery in early 2013. Last fall they found their location, in a former Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym in a strip mall at 320 Broadway.

Since then, they've experienced several different kinds of delays; the most recent has been waiting for their equipment from a California manufacturer. When the delays began dragging on, Skeels and Greer decided to start brewing anyway, on a one-barrel "pilot system." They hope to receive their larger, 2.5-barrel system sometime in August.

Baere Brewing is a roughly 2,400-square-foot taproom with room for 75 to 80 people. Decked out entirely in reclaimed wood, including boxcar floors, it has a rustic look on the inside.

Baere is starting small, on its one-barrel pilot brewing system.
Originally the two wanted to focus on Belgian styles, but decided to branch out early on. So they now have six beers on tap: a sweet French saison, a farmhouse saison, a hoppy brown ale with a malty backbone, an IPA, a 5.1 percent ABV summer stout, and a tart Berliner weisse that can be sampled with various traditional syrups.

Skeels, who serves as the brewmaster, says he's brewed about twenty barrels of beer so far, and plans to roll out new recipes once he acquires new fermenters. For now, his favorites are the hoppy brown and Berliner, called Baere-liner Weisse.

Baere will be open on Saturdays from 4 to 10 p.m. for the time being.

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