Ten best kid-friendly restaurants in Denver

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Whether it's because the babysitter canceled at the last minute or because you want quality family time at a dinner you don't have to cook, loading up the kids for a restaurant excursion can be fun for the whole gang, provided the destination is suitable for the young ones. We know it can be awkward trying to ignore pointed looks from other patrons at some hushed foodie mecca while your toddler squawks and burbles happily -- and we also know it can be tricky trying to keep the kids from that obnoxious drunk a few tables away. That's why we've come up with this list of kid-friendly restaurants that aren't some some kiddie-theme playground with miserable food, but places with menus that will appeal to adult palates, too. Keep reading for our top ten...

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10) DJ's 9th Avenue Cafe
865 Lincoln Street

Going out for a weekend breakfast or brunch with the family shouldn't require getting in line with a throng of hungry hipsters; after all, kids aren't well-equipped to deal with long waits.The sunny dining room at this second DJ's offers a more relaxed pace -- without the wait lists common to some trendier spots. And what kid could resist PB & J French toast?

9) Vine Street Pub
1700 Vine Street

The dining room at this brewpub feels like a big, open playroom for adults, with the bar area and hodgepodge of tables all blending into a lively social spot for hanging with old friends or making new ones. But if you get there early enough, the same social atmosphere is fun for children, too. A kid's menu featuring burgers, nachos and grilled cheese sandwiches will fill them up before they head to the other end of the community table to find their own new friends.

8) Ernie's Pizza
2915 West 44th Avenue

Kid's love pizza, and Ernie's loves kids. Many restaurants have kid's menus, and many will bring a jar of crayons on request. But Ernie's combines the two with a menu that kids can draw on after Mom and Dad have helped them choose from a selection of mini-pizzas and other downsized treats. For the tweens, the full menu is bulging with calzones, pasta plates and pizza by the slice. Open and airy patio seating is a good option for families, because there's plenty of distracting people-watching off nearby Federal.

Keep reading for more of our kid-friendly favorites...

Location Info

Dj's 9th Ave Cafe

865 Lincoln St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Vine Street Pub & (Brewery)

1700 Vine St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

Vine Street Pub & (Brewery)

1700 Vine St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

Osteria Marco

1453 Larimer St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

La Loma Restaurant

2527 W. 26th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Park Burger

1890 S. Pearl St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

The Post Brewing

W. Emma St., Lafayette, CO

Category: General

Lowry Beer Garden

7577 E. Academy Blvd., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Steuben's Food Service

523 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant


1439 S. Pearl St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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I highly disagree with the assertion that Ernie's Pizza is a family-friendly place. About 18 months ago, we (a couple without children) met a few friends at Ernies for dinner and drinks. The restaurant was full and we were seated in the bar area. Our friend had his infant with him (under 5mo old in a baby carrier) and while we were initially served, we ended up being asked to leave (couldn't really relocate because the rest of the restaurant was full) because we had a "kid" in the bar. What was absurd was that the baby-- sleeping silently-- certainly wasn't impacting anyone's experience of Ernie's bar. And the baby wasn't a risk-- no sneaking drinks or causing a ruckus. 

Needless to say, we were highly offended and left the restaurant with a horrible taste. The entire group-- many of whom live nearby-- has not been back since. We have absolutely no interest in patronizing a restaurant that treats their guests (of age and otherwise) poorly. 

davebarnes topcommenter

Mickey Ds. Kids love Happy Meals.

Dan Berlau
Dan Berlau

I think you mean "Wagon Queen Family Truckster" :)

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@cngrsprk  "...we were highly offended and left the restaurant with a horrible taste."


DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@davebarnes ... and no mention of Dave & Buster's ... 

... it even has the requisite ampersand for hipness.

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