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With news of a revamped brunch menu, this week's venture took us to Root Down, initially on behalf of my roommate -- who recently received a gluten allergy diagnosis. She was looking forward to a menu accommodating of dietary restrictions -- with gluten-free and vegan options prominently noted -- and I was looking forward to tasting my way through new options from Root Down's stellar kitchen.

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Root Down Benedict with steak and and rainbow-hued home fries.
The 411

Open for weekend brunch from 10 a.m. to 2:30 pm, Root Down is one of the hottest tables in town. It was already slammed when we arrived for our 10:30 reservation, but it's a happy kind of buzz, an electric atmosphere perfect for sharing good news or catching up with an old friend. Don't try to go without a reservation, though, especially if you want to sit on one of the two large patios. And make sure you get there early enough to find parking.

The Scene

Built from a 1950s gas station, Root Down has a gritty, industrial feel that's all too familiar these days. With fresh herbs and vegetables being harvested from the rooftop garden and an adjoining plot, the kitchen takes the farm-to-table concept seriously. It's LoHi location attracts flocks of young trendsetters based on location alone, but despite an initial pretentious air, the service manages to be pleasant and attentive, with staff that encourage lingering as long as you'd like. Happy to oblige, we wasted away a good portion of the day over house-made chai, with a distinct and addictive nutty clove flavor despite a lack of caffeine.

A fluffy Root Down omelette.


Root Down's menu includes breakfast cocktails and Novo coffee options, making for a tough decision to maintain sobriety or give in to temptation. Two bottomless mimosa options -- the classic for $13 or tart blood orange for $15, Bloody Marys from house-made mix, and Moscow mules with Root Down's own ginger beer proved to be too much to resist. Covering most of the choices, we ordered a blood orange mimosa, an order of bottomless classic mimosas, a cappuccino, and a fresh-squeezed, pulpy OJ between the four of us. With every detail meticulously considered, Root Down even offers a unique blend of specialty sweeteners -- organic coconut sugar, for example. Last call for brunch drinks is 3:15 p.m., so plan accordingly.

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Root Down

1600 W. 33rd Ave., Denver, CO

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TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

I love how they try to act all classy and highfalutin', then they turn around and make a dessert with beer nuts.

Beer nuts, people. :D

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