Reader: Chipotle versus Taco Bell -- one serves tasty food, one serves fuel

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Does this look tough enough to take on Chipotle?
While Chipotle has been on a roll, with a fantastic quarterly earnings statement, Taco Bell is making a serious effort to get a chunk of Chipotle's customers -- adding a Cantina Power Menu to its healthier Cantina Bell menu. But as Jenn Wohletz notes in her top five reasons why Taco Bell won't kick Chipotle's ass, Taco Bell just doesn't have the muscle to take on the powerful, homegrown Chipotle.

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A mighty Chipotle burrito.
Says Dave Barnes:
One serves tasty food.

One serves fuel.

You choose which you want.

Or, if you are being really cheap, you order only 99¢ items.

How cheap would Taco Bell have to go before you'd forgo Chipotle?

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Chipotle, to many, has paved the way for a revolutionized fast food dining experience. Americans are leaning toward the healthier, fresher and better food alternatives – and the Mexican company is promising that to customers. “Fast casual” dining is what they call it – more choices on the menu served hot and fresh, and apparently veering away from the usual burger-and-fries duo.

As someone who is interested in the food franchising industry, I try to weigh my options and paint a clear picture of how a Chipotle franchise would be like. This post has some logical thoughts on this possibility. The franchising world promises to be profitable, despite the big blows it received during the recession (and the issues that franchisees and franchisors face in this economy). I guess it helps to pay attention to dining trends to have an idea of how this kind of business will run. Even McDonald’s is embarking on a year-and-a-half planning period to find out how they can attract customers the way this fast-rising Mexican food chain is.

RobertChase topcommenter

Taco Bell's beef-simulant has enough gristle in it that it should call to mind stories of pink slime and admixtures of ammonia-treated floor scrapings from slaughterhouses.

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