Santa Fe Grill closes in former Hoffbrau spot on Santa Fe

A Victorian-era storefront that was the first home of Hoffbrau Bar & Grill, then become the down-and-dirty 1301 Santa Fe Tavern & Grill, is again for lease.

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1301 Santa Fe Tavern & Grill opens in former Hoffbrau Bar & Grill spot

A sign on the door of the space at the edge of the increasingly hot Golden Triangle notes that the place is for lease.

Meanwhile, the remaining Hoffbrau is now billed as Hoffbrau Colorado and has moved to Westminster, where it's doubled its size and is booking plenty of music shows. Go here for more details.

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I think employees/patrons celebrated the closing by blowing up a bunch of glassware with fireworks. Last week that block looked like someone had dropped a speedrack of shot glasses out of an airplane.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

I miss the original Hoffbrau on Santa Fe.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@ScubaSteve ... the trigger-happy pistol-packing teabagger owner shot and killed a guy during a road rage argument ... business took a dive after that wretched display of cowardice and contempt for human life.

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