Reader: Every child deserves to be served a burger by a big drag queen!

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Brandon Marshall
This month's look at the best patios for enjoying craft beer took a quick detour into a discussion of whether people should take their kids to tap rooms and other drink-intensive spots. To offer up some options, we shared our our list of the ten best kid-friendly restaurants in town. And while we tried to avoid the usual suspects, we but didn't think of one suggested by a reader...

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Says Alex:
Hamburger Mary's!!! Every child deserves to be served a burger by a big drag queen!!!
Well, Petticoat Bruncheon at the late Bump and Grind was a favorite stop for some families, and a visit to Hamburger Mary's could be a friendly learning experience, too.... Still, leave the kids at home if you're heading over for a late-night visit.

Where else would you suggest parents take their children for a kid-friendly time out where adults can have fun, too? And where do you go when you want to avoid kids (yours or anyone else's...)?

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Hamburger Mary's

700 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO

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I had the best brunch of my life there -- and the waitresses were friendly and kind, even in those heels....


Sigh. I miss Petticoat Bruncheon. As does my daughter.

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