Latke Love needs some Denver love to find new location


Latke Love, a popular potato pancake eatery, closed its doors in Park Hill at the end of May. But, now the owners of that business seem ready to open new doors -- with some help from Denverites.

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The owners, husband and wife Steve and Tina Shander and Steve's sister Dana, have launched an Indiegogo campaign titled "Latke Love Needs Your Help To Find A New Home."

The campaign page tells the story of Latke Love, how it started at the Cherry Creek Farmers' Market before moving into a brick-and-mortar spot in 2011, and their plans to open a new location after they "were not offered a renewal on our lease, as promised."

While the page doesn't list any specifics for the new location, it does list a goal of $100,000 with 40 days to reach that goal. The owners need money for design, construction, equipment and lease money.

"We are looking for a turn-key space that is ready to go, but the reality is there are not a lot of spaces like that available," it states on the campaign page. "We have looked at some spaces that would need to be built out and that is why our project goals are so high."

The campaign also offers rewards for donors such as stickers, free latkes, a catered meal and more.

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Latke Love - CLOSED

5151 E. 28th Ave., Denver, CO

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Yvonne Pena
Yvonne Pena

I absolutely love this place ever since the Farmers Market days, I had it every Saturday for breakfast!


Seriously, if you're going to be a real business, learn to get a loan if you do not have upfront capital for your start up. Try the banks. And if you do not qualify, try micro loans. And if you don't qualify for that either, last resort, try borrowing money from friends and family - write IOU's.

Begging for money from the public is lame. You're not a non-profit organization/charity, therefore you shouldn't be trying to get 'free money' from the public. And you don't want that either because you'll then have a lot to prove and the immense pressure to perform. 

If you are not able to raise money privately, then you're not ready to open your own restaurant. $100K is not a small sum.

Scott R. Shriver
Scott R. Shriver

I just need a house remodel. Give to me instead and thanks. (Rolls eyes).

Erik Johnsen
Erik Johnsen

If only there was some way to open a physical location, produce a good or service, then sell that good or service at a profit.


Capitalism is so over...

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