Patio of the Week: Shagging at Bogey's on the Park

Kristin Pazulski
Bogey's on The Park's patio is a true escape, not unlike shagging.
How do I know Denver loves its patios? Because it's almost impossible to get a seat on a nice day at the better-known spots. That's why I'm almost hesitant to tell you about Bogey's on The Park, because part of the appeal is that people don't know about it yet.

In a city of gentrified neighborhoods, hipster bars and sidewalk patios that are as much a place to be seen as a place to eat, Bogey's is a breath of fresh air -- literally and figuratively.

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Bogey's sits on the edge of City Park Golf Course, nestled on the back side of the clubhouse and barely visible from the street. Unless you've played the golf course, you probably haven't seen the restaurant.

I discovered Bogey's and its unpretentious patio (after all, it's a city course, not a country club) a few months after moving to Whittier, when I visited the course's driving range.

The patio isn't much to look at, but that's part of its appeal. It has typical backyard patio tables and chairs (which were thankfully upgraded earlier this year) under beer- and liquor-sponsored umbrellas. There are no yard games unless you count Shag Ball, a game that one of the Tuesday-night league teams invented. It consists of tossing balls from the patio onto the chipping green; closest ball to the hole wins the money pot.

Kristin Pazulski
You could Shag -- a game of tossing a golf ball from the patio and getting it as close to the hole as possible.
But what the patio lacks in flair it makes up in location. Behind the clubhouse and elevated above the sidewalk, it's the ideal spot for people-watching without being watched yourself. Because its clientele is mostly the before- and after- 18-holes crowd, it's rarely packed; Tuesday evenings are the busiest because of the golf league.

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Bogey's on the Park

2500 York St., Denver, CO

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