Pho De opens in former home of Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Mark Antonation
July seems to be a big month for change on Federal Boulevard. Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, one of our favorite meat-free alternatives and winner of this year's Best Vietnamese Crepes, didn't even make it a year. This particular location on South Federal Boulevard would appear to be cursed; we also awarded Vietnam Grill Best Vietnamese Restaurant in our 2013 Best of Denver -- just months before it closed and Lotus opened.

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Of course, if new occupant Pho De turns out to be as good as its predecessors, the awards will come, curse or no. Pho De, which just opened, will be serving up pho and bun bowls, rice plates and a few house specialties like crispy rice noodles with vegetarian or chicken and shrimp options and hearty pork-based bun bo Hue.

According to the manager on duty yesterday, a nephew of the new owner, Lotus's owners were from California and sold the restaurant so they could return home.

Pho De is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily and, unlike many pho houses, encourages takeout orders. Despite the extra difficulty of packaging the many pho ingredients for customers to take home, Pho De's manager says that it's their pleasure.

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1015 South Federal Boulevard, Denver, CO

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TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

Their chicken with Sate seasoning is zesty! (This is not to be confused with the Indonesian skewered-food dish called Satay by the way).

They also have the appetizer called Cha Gio Re or "net rolls" which get their particular crunch from the addition of tapioca flour in the batter.

I believe the owners are affiliated with the folks from Dong Khanh/Saigon Bowl in the Far East Center.

Lemon Garson
Lemon Garson

I ate at lotus once. It was hands down the the worst meal I've had on federal. Far from surprised this place closed.

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

Oh Lemon, don't be so sour :D What was the problem exactly?

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