Reader: Pork belly is a hipster trend that's already obsolete

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We're counting down our 100 Favorite Dishes as we head towards our next Best of Denver, and last week landed at Solera, where Goose Sorensen's pork-belly confit is a marvel, a preparation that involves curing, pressing and slow cooking in duck fat, which Sorensen explains melts the layers of pork fat into the meat while breaking down the connective tissue. A quick sear crisps the exterior for an added dose of char and a hint of sweetness. It's hog heaven....unless you think pork belly is so over.

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Says Derp:

Pork belly: the latest hipster trend that was obsolete before you knew it was.
Are you over pork belly? If not, where do you go when you're hankering for some hog?

Any suggestions for other favorite dishes? Here's the list so far:

No. 100: Chile Relleno at La Fiesta
No. 99: Gurage Kitfo at Megenagna Ethiopian Restaurant
No. 98: Cochinita Pibil at Work & Class
No. 97: The Greggers Tongue Sandwich at Olive & Finch
No 96: Baum Cakes at Glaze by Sasa
No. 95: Goat hot pot from Viet's
No 94: Head cheese from Beast + Bottle
No. 93: Kettle Chips from Amerigo Delicatus
No. 92: Pork-belly confit at Solera

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Solera Restaurant & Wine Bar

5410 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Corey Everts
Corey Everts

Hipsters are the trend that's obsolete. Good food is forever.


Nonsense.  It's pork belly done well.  It's not PBR.


Can we build an automatic comment system?  "Everything I don't care/know about is a hipster trend!!!"  Just get that comment out of the way for every article. 

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