Reader: Weekday "brunch" sounds downright silly -- it's foodie bullshit

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Danielle Lirette
We stopped by Session Kitchen this week, and learned that the restaurant has axed its weekday lunches, and now opens at 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday, in time for happy hour. Lunch -- or "brunch," as Session called it -- is still available Friday through Sunday. But the neighborhood just didn't provide enough business to keep it going during the week. Or was it that people didn't want to each brunch during the week?

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Danielle Lirette
Says Vic:
A friend returned from California for a visit and wanted to have a get-together with some friends. We convened at Sessions. Frankly, selling the concept of weekday "Brunch" sounded downright silly -- foodie bullshit, if you will. It was lunch, should have been marketed as lunch, and missed the boat on the vibrant lunch crowd that hits South Pearl. Did they actually plan to alienate midday diners with forced quirkiness?

And then there's this from ScubaSteve:

Serving brunch on a weekday never made any sense anyway. Come to think of it, serving brunch any day doesn't make sense.
What do you think of brunch? Should it be limited to weekends? And assuming you're not ScubaSteve, what's your favorite weekend brunch spot?

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Session Kitchen

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'forced quirkiness'.  What a great description for Sessions. This place is doomed.  I can't believe the ancient and venerable Old Peal St Grill had to die so that this place could exist. 

Kedhrin Gonzalez
Kedhrin Gonzalez

lunch on a weekend? I think thats called 'breakfast' for night raging pricks like myself.

Heather Doozer
Heather Doozer

brunch is a cross btwn breakfast and lunch, no day is implied. it's not brunch's fault people like it on weekends. also, brunch menus are different

Gary White
Gary White

some of us work on weekends, Tuesday is my Sunday

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