Reader: Pay women the same wage as men and I'll give up free drinks at ladies' night

There's room for you at Brewski's, ladies. No Steve Horner allowed.
Steve Horner, the anti-ladies' night crusader, left Colorado years ago, but on a recent trip through this state he stopped by Brewski's, which just happened to be hosting a ladies' night. That inspired Horner to file a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division, charging once again that ladies' night deals discriminate against men.

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Says Allison:

Pay women the same wage as men and I will gladly give up free well drinks.

Says Susan:
I don't know, I think you guys are worthy of men's night too. I'm willing to bet that women would be lining up to get in.

Says PhatCheddar:
As a single and "budget-wise" father, I like going to bars and agree, ladies' nights aren't fair, no matter how many broke, ratchet, kids-at-home pretty girls it attracts. Make DEALS for everyone.

And here's how Ivan sums it up:
Here's a headline for you, Westword: "Desperate shithead on crusade for a cheap beers."
Do you feel that local businesses should be able to offer ladies' nights deals -- or any other deals, for that matter? Post your thoughts below, and read more comments about Steve Horner's lastest campaign here.

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ScubaSteve topcommenter

There should be mens' nights as well as ladies' nights.  Allison needs to get over herself.

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