The five best places for Alton Brown to visit in Denver

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Alton Brown may have picked the wrong place to be low key.
Food Network star, cookbook author and food-nerd extraordinaire Alton Brown was spotted yesterday attempting to have a quiet lunch at Stoic & Genuine, chef Jen Jasinski's posh new seafood haven in Union Station. There was no filming going on, other than the discreet (or not so discreet) attempts of fellow diners to capture iPhone footage of the host of Good Eats and MC of Iron Chef America. With all the rubbernecking and brazen assaults on Brown's privacy, we think he simply chose the wrong venue (not that the food wasn't up to par). Here are five other things he could have done in Denver, rather than eating at one the most hyped and media-infested eateries in the entire city.

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What could be better than billiards and bikers at the Piper?
5) Lunch at the Piper Inn
Alton Brown took to the highways for two seasons of Feasting on Asphalt, touring small towns and roadhouses on a motorcycle. Although his trip took him off the beaten path in Colorado -- to Ted's Tacos in in tiny Mancos -- he may have felt at home on his visit to Denver at the biker-friendly Piper Inn, eating some of Denver's best wings -- or some old-school Chinese-American grub -- among people who probably don't know or care who he is. Although he rode a BMW in the TV series, bikers of all persuasions tend to find common ground when there are good stories to be told and the leather is well-worn.

Alton Brown could keep cool with kids and Kleinman.

4) Geeking out with Ian Kleinman's Inventing Room
Across multiple seasons of Good Eats, Brown proved that he's as much of a science nerd as a cook. Using giant foam molecules and all manner of lab equipment to demonstrate the chemistry behind cooking, Brown's as much at home in a classroom setting as he is in the kitchen. Ian Kleinman has made a name for himself in Denver with inventive, science-based treats -- think exploding whipped cream or a flurry of edible snow -- that Brown would probably find fascinating. A trip to a local elementary school to wow kids with Kleinman's mobile food lab would be just the thing to get Brown away from mobs of aggressive smart-phone picture snappers.

Alton Brown could teach us to cook our veggies at Cook Street Culinary School.

3) Teaching class at Cook Street School of Culinary Arts
While he may have to do this one unannounced to keep the fans in check, Brown is a natural teacher with an earnest approach -- peppered with just the right amount of dorky humor. Cook Street covers everything from the home-kitchen basics to advanced programs for professional chefs, so Brown could find the right audience for his blend of science-class experimentation (what happens when you drop a frozen turkey into hot oil?) and cooking technique improvement (how to get perfect caramelized onions every time).

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Location Info

Stoic & Genuine

1701 Wynkoop, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Piper Inn

2251 S. Parker Road, Denver, CO

Category: Music

The Inventing Room

Denver metro area, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Cook Street School of Culinary Arts

1937 Market St., Denver, CO

Category: General

Boulder County Farmers' Market

1900 13th St., Boulder, CO

Category: General

JJ Chinese Seafood Restaurant

2500 W. Alameda Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Greg Rohs
Greg Rohs

The fort.old major.cherry cricket,wynkoop and Pablo's coffee.


"There was no filming going on, other than the discreet (or not so discreet) attempts of fellow diners to capture iPhone footage"

Yet Another Argument for banning cameras on cellphones (if not banning cellphones in public spaces outright).

Derek Fynboh
Derek Fynboh

mmm...COFFEE! Paleo Bistro, the only strictly paleo eatery in Denver!

Ilene Kamsler
Ilene Kamsler

The Source, Union Station, Infinite Monkey Theorem, The Truffle, Old Major

Kathleen Brenk
Kathleen Brenk

I like it! Anything that starts with the Piper... I'm a fan.

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