The Nickel brings change to the Hotel Teatro

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All photos by Kevin Galaba
After Restaurant Kevin Taylor and Prima closed in the Hotel Teatro earlier this year, the hotel spent a pretty penny on renovating the space (which encompassed more than just the restaurant footprint). In May, the hotel announced that a new restaurant, called the Nickel, would open featuring rustic charm and a Rocky Mountain-inspired menu. The Nickel is now open as of yesterday; we stopped by before opening hours to grab a few photos.

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The dining area features bar seating, a cushy fireside lounge, and long oval tables with banquette seating and puffy leather chairs. The library-like lounge includes a coffee bar for morning visitors and draft beers and wines for evening guests. While elements of the hotel's European flair still remain, rougher wood finishes and vintage American finishes offer a wider range of warm textures than the previous incarnation.

The Nickel's kitchen, run by chef Chris Thompson, also provides room service and catering for the hotel. The menu, according to hotel management, offers "rustic, stripped-down Colorado fare" and is shot through with Colorado produce and meat like Olathe sweet corn, Colorado lamb, and Haystack Mountain goat cheese. Entres get a touch of campfire essence from the kitchen's oak and cherry wood-fueled oven. Selections will change with the seasons, sometimes even weekly.




Continue reading to see more of the Nickel, including a sample dinner menu...

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The Nickel

1100 14th Street, Denver, CO

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Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

I'm never going to get used to paying $8 for dinner rolls, $15 for a salad, or $8 for a side of cooked carrots to go with my $30+ entree.  Looks pretty though but maybe more or an Aspen/Vail vibe - certainly more casual than Kevin Taylor.

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