Village Cork closes for remodeling

all photos by Lori Midson
Lisa Lapp opened the Village Corkmore than a dozen years ago. In the ensuing years, the Old South Pearl neighborhood has changed a lot -- and so has the Village Cork, transforming from a wine bar to more of a full-fledged restaurant. But on July 4, the Village Cork closed for an extensive remodeling job that will finally make the transformation complete, with a full kitchen -- finally -- and a full liquor license.

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Lisa Lapps creating new cork decor.
"If all goes as planned," says the sign on the door," we will reopen around August 1 with a whole new look. We'll be open for lunch, and have a full liquor license with all your favorite cocktails."


Watch the Village Cork's Facebook page for updates.

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The Village Cork

1300 S. Pearl St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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