Reader: I Miss Denver When She Was Dangerous

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Britt Chester
Gabor's is gone, but not forgotten.
Bree Davies penned a Love Letter to Denver, the City I Used to Know for our arts blog last week, and in response dozens of people have spilled out their own memories, many of them of restaurants: Colorado Mine Company, Soapy Smith's, Denver Drumstick, M&Ds, White Spot, Cafe Giovanni, Yum Yum Tree, Gabor's. Some have been gone for decades, some for just a year or two. But readers still hunger for another taste.

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Says Peter:

I miss Calvin's, the renegade feel of the town, cheap rents, cheap beer and jobs that paid about the same they do today.

I miss Denver when she was dangerous. Now it seems like it has padded walls, its edge is dull and will only cut the the meat the wealthy can eat. I want the Denver with shoe leather steaks, no corporate theme parks , the Denver that made you feel like you were in the middle of nowhere, with the potential to be somewhere. Now that its somewhere, it's about as deep as the kiddie pool at the forgotten Celebrity Sports Center.

Counters Shannon:

Oh, boo hoo, Denver has turned from a predominantly rundown, "sketchy," po-dunk cow-town to a world-class city. As a fellow native, I'm calling BS. Denver is better for this redevelopment and revitalization. We have a plethora of arts and culture, with burgeoning neighborhoods drawing educated millenials into our city faster than any other in the country.
Do you remember the Yum Yum Tree? Do you still miss Gabor's? Post your thoughts below, and read Bree's original Love Letter here.

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Is My Brother's Bar still there?  And there was a great old dusty used book store right there, too.


I loved the cow town.  That's when it was REALLY fun!


I remember that trips to the Yum Yum tree were a big deal, but little else--it was just, like, a big fucking food court, right? Oh, the golden past.

Gabor's, though. That's nostalgia worth the having.


By "educated millenials," that person means "trust-fund babies," right? Because I live in a trendy, expensive, pretty douchey part of Denver on a street full of millenials and I'm the only one on the block with an actual job.

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