Reader: I'm Betting on the "Pave Paradise, Put Up a Parking Lot" Approach at Lechuga's

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Little Devils at Lechuga's.
You could once find red-sauce joints all over Highland, which decades ago was this town's biggest Italian neighborhood. But over the years, those spots have been closing....and now Lechuga's , which got its start as Carbone's and continued to serve some of its classic dishes over the next two-plus decades, has been sold. There will be a retirement party for the owners tonight at the restaurant...and after that? Although the new owners will reportedly continue to run the joint, readers are wondering....

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Says Denver Dave:
I'm missing the Little Devils already. Been going there for almost 40 years. Hopefully the new owners won't change much but I'm betting on the Joni Mitchell song - "Pave paradise, put up a parking lot" approach given the rest of the neighborhood.
Have you ever tried the Lechuga's Little Devils? What other iconic Denver dishes do you still crave? What red-sauce joints do you miss?

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Lechuga's Italian Restaurant & Lounge

3609 Tejon St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Not red sauce, but I miss Lotus Room (in the VFW Post), Mori (before it turned into a dump), and Denver Drumstick (I hated the food, but as a child, the train was worth having to eat bad fried chicken legs out of a paper firetruck).  I also miss a little Japanese hole-in-the-wall that was at Kipling and Bowles, next to the Elvis Theater.  Fuji En was fun and the source of many childhood birthday memories.

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