Brew Bayou: Eating Brooks Smokehouse Barbecue at Strange Craft Beer

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Mark Antonation
I've said before that sides in a barbecue restaurant are mostly just fillers -- but not here. The Cajun influence elevates these sides above bland Midwestern fare. Brooks serves dirty rice moist with broth and studded with ground beef. He calls his creamed corn maque choux because it's more than just creamed corn: Garlic, butter, cooked-down onions and smoke -- maybe from bacon fat or maybe just from proximity to the smoker -- blend to give the sweet kernels added depth. Baked macaroni and cheese offers pan-crisped edges and a creamy interior.

Mark Antonation
Dirty rice, maque choux, green beans.
Brooks Smokehouse, whether the mobile version or the restaurant in the Brooks home in Aurora (fully licensed and regularly inspected, Brooks assures me), also offers Cajun dishes like po' boy sandwiches, etouffee and gumbo.

But while I enjoy just about every aspect of Louisiana cuisine (except red beans and rice -- I never got past my childhood hatred of kidney beans), it's the smell of wood smoke rising and spreading, beckoning across neighborhoods, that tells you to sit yourself down and fill up on the good food two people worked hard to produce. Barbecue is like that -- it's not a lazy man's craft. You don't get great results by setting a timer and walking away. My lack of experience with Louisiana barbecue doesn't get in the way of understanding, even tasting, the effort, dedication and long hours that go into creating food so special.

Mark Antonation

Mark Antonation
Barbecued alligator legs; doesn't get much more Louisiana than that.

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Brooks Smokehouse & Catering

800 Oakland St., Aurora, CO

Category: Restaurant

Strange Craft Beer Company

1330 Zuni St., Denver, CO

Category: General

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TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

Mmmmmmmmmmmm.......... don't forget that this Saturday, 08/23, Brooks Smokehouse will be one of the featured eateries at Global Fest in Aurora.

Oh, you'd like to hear about some of the other places too? Here you go...

TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

I'm pretty sure you meant to post this comment under a different article.

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