Reader: I Cook for a Living, but Can't Afford to Eat at a Decent Restaurant

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The mayor and other boosters kick off last year's Denver Restaurant Week.
Denver Restaurant Week turned ten this year, and organizers proved that you can make a good idea better -- by splitting the annual eating orgy into two weeks. The original week-long span in February remains, but the extra week that had been added over the years has been moved to August. The first August Denver Restaurant Week starts Saturday, and people are already loosening their belts and freeing up their credit lines in anticipation. Hundreds of restaurants will be offering special, three-course meals at $60 for two. (Yes, the price is new, too: up from $52.80). But a few lucky diners will be able to eat free: We're holding a contest to give away five gift certificates, which has drawn some inspired entries.

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There's this from FivePointsSteve:

I cook for a living, and due to the ridiculously low wages paid in Denver kitchens, I cannot afford to eat at a decent restaurant for anything more than a quick happy hour bite.

I would love to be able to go out at a restaurant that I could never afford otherwise.

And here's a poetic response from Fishingblues:
Too late to the party; too late to the gate.

I'd have taken my girlfriend, but she's watching her weight.

Since I'm a leo, August is the right date.

Best I missed it, my wife would have been irate.

Watch for the next round in our win-a-dinner at Denver Restaurant Week contest later today on Cafe Society. And yes, Fishingblues and FivePointsSteve, you're still in the running.

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