Dishes of DISH: Tacos and Burritos from El Taco De Mexico

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El Taco De Mexico will be ladling its green chile all over DISH this year.
On Sunday, September 7, 2014, Westword will host its twentieth annual celebration of the Denver dining scene, DISH, in Sculpture Park at the Denver Performing Arts Complex, where many of the favorite restaurants of Cafe Society writers and readers will be serving delectable dishes. El Taco De Mexico, perennial Best of Denver Winner and this year's choice for Best Green Chile, is again smothering DISH in spicy goodness.

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El Taco de Mexico is a legend in this town, in business for 28 years and held up as a culinary paragon for almost as long. This year, the restaurant is serving mini steak, rice and bean burritos, smothered in that award-winning green chile.

Sasha Zanabria of El Taco also promises that alambre tacos will be making an appearance at the food festival. Normally these tacos are a special off-menu request, but Zanabria and crew are bringing them loaded with steak, Anaheim chile, onions, cheese, ham and bacon. It's a dish with serious Mexican roots, Zanabria says: "Our alambre tacos are originally from the taco stands of Mexico City. Our burritos are from the northern region of Mexico -- Chihuahua, Sonora and other northern regions."

Tacos from El Taco are just some of the dozens of offerings you'll find at DISH, which runs from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, September 7. (VIP entrance is at 11 a.m.) To see what else is in store and buy tickets for this culinary celebration's twentieth anniversary, visit the 2014 DISH site.

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Denver Performing Arts Complex Sculpture Park

Champa St & Speer Blvd., Denver, CO

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TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

Mmmmmmmmmm - if folks just can't wait until the 7th for alambres, the Aurora branch of El Camarón Loco also does a very good version, as does El Costeño (theirs are listed in the "fajita" section of the menu).

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