Dry Dock Opening a Second Taproom Inside Its North Aurora Brewery

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Dry Dock is opening a second taproom inside the warehouse where its canning line is located.
Dry Dock Brewing has been running its 30,000-square-foot, forty-barrel production brewery and canning facility for 21 months in north Aurora, but co-owners Kevin DeLange and Michelle Reding are tired of keeping it to themselves.

On Friday, September 12, they'll open a somewhat rustic tasting room inside the former warehouse, with about seventy seats and four beers on tap.

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Michelle and Kevin DeLange.
"We're really excited for people to finally be able to see it," says DeLange, who has given many private tours, but hasn't been able to welcome the public. "We're calling it the Canoe Room. We used to store Boy Scout canoes in there for a customer, and it just stuck."

The Canoe Room will be decorated with photos of Dry Dock's original location in south Aurora, as well as the brewery's first boil kettle, which it sold to Elk Mountain Brewing a few years ago and then bought back recently when it cracked. Guests will be able to sit at tables, at the bar and watch the operations.

Since the taproom doesn't have drainage, Dry Dock won't be able to use glassware or fill growlers, relying on compostable plastic cups instead. But there will be some rare or unusual beers on tap, and Dry Dock will also sell its canned beers to go.

The starting lineup on September 12 will include Imperial Pumpkin, Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout (which was just released in bottles as well as part of Dry Dock's new Signature Series lineup), Rye-Zing Sun Rye Saison and Vanilla Porter.

Eventually, DeLange says he might buy a Crowler machine from Oskar Blues, which would allow Dry Dock to can any of the beers it has on tap and sell them to go.

The taproom will be open Fridays through Sundays, from noon to 6 p.m.

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Dana Matthews Falliaux
Dana Matthews Falliaux

Yep... Known about this for over a yr! I wish them the very best!! ;) go dry dock!!!

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