Photos: Bubbling Up at the Fermentation Festival & Market

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Brandon Marshall
Most people think beer when they hear the word fermentation, but many other food products are the result of bacterial action: kombucha, kimchi, yogurt, cheese and even some preserved meats. But at a festival celebrating all things fermented, alcoholic beverages are going to take center stage -- nobody wants to hang out on a hot August weekend swilling keffir. Our photographer Brandon Marshall stopped by the Fermentation Festival and Market at the Highlands Masonic Center this past weekend to capture Denverites partaking in fermented food and drink.

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Brandon Marshall
In addition to over a dozen beer and cider makers, other participants included Colorado spirits makers like Breckenridge Distillers and Vodka 14 as well as Dae Gee Korean Barbecue, Corvus Coffee and Ozuke -- makers of jarred pickles, krauts and kimchi.

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall

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Highlands Masonic Center

3550 N. Federal Blvd., Denver, CO

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