Updated: Gallo di Nero Will Crow No More on Bannock Street

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We have a new candidate for the worst black hole in Denver: 1135 Bannock Street. That address just swallowed up Gallo Di Nero, which had emerged from the ashes of Fired Up, a restaurant that repositioned itself after an electrical fire.

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For Gallo di Nero, chef/owner Josh Barhaug kept the wood-fired oven, but expanded the menu under chef Darren Pusateri, an alum of Squeaky Bean.

The new happy hour was one of the best in town -- the smaller portions of regular entrees earned the place our Best Dinner Under $10 award -- but it wasn't enough to keep this rooster crowing. Although the website is still up, dialing the number leads to a full mailbox.

The PR firm that had organized a "grand opening" party for Gallo di Nero last month -- more than six months after the restaurant originally opened -- sent out a notice late today. "The reasons for the quick closing are as follows: there is a potential buyer for the property; Chef Pusateri has accepted an offer at another local eatery; and owner, Josh Barhaug, would like to spend more time with his family," she says.

That same address had earlier swallowed up Chances, Wolfie's and Bambino's.

Location Info

Gallo di Nero - CLOSED

1135 Bannock Street, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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I hate to see this closing. We ate here a couple of times before going to Curious Theater and had great food and awesome service. 


My wife and I split a huge wood-oven cooked ribeye here back in the spring that was easily the best steak I've had in Denver in the last 5 years. Kicking myself for not going back. We just talked about it last week but ended up somewhere more walkable from our house--3 minutes vs 15...

If these extremely talented guys couldn't make it in that spot maybe it can't be done.

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