Reader: Without you ignorant peons it wouldn't be cool to be hip

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Inside Green Russell, one of our top ten hipsters bars.
Last week we poured out our list of the ten best hipster bars in Denver. If you're a cultural anthropologist looking to observe hipsters in their element or maybe you're just new to town and looking for a hand-built bar within fixie-riding distance where you'll feel at home, these are all great hipster hives for a drink, maybe some banjo music...and composing responses to all the comments that have been posted about that list.

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Says Dave:

Absolutely embarrassed to say I've been to 9 of 10 of these.

Says Tom:

Thanks, now I know which bars to avoid when I'm in Denver next month !!

And finally, there's this from Mike:

I'm actually glad that people hate on this scene. The same kind of people that have always hated on anything that isn't tame and packaged and easy to listen to while being endorsed by the radio and your friends on the football team.. and without you ignorant peons it wouldn't be cool to be hip. So keep listening to boring music, meeting all your fancy friends for "cocks and apps" at Linger and Lola, hanging out in Wash Park on the weekends with all your frat buddies. We will continue not giving a fuck.
Read the original list and read many more comments on the ten best hipster bars here.

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Patricia Calhoun is my new hero! Denver's hipster invasion which seeks to be anti-trendy, is a trend unto itself. Well on the bright side, at least I'll have a buyer for my beach cruiser from when I actually lived on a beach. Ha ha! Oh our poor little Denver...before LoDo, before LoHi...ahh we miss you.

muhutdafuga topcommenter

It's cute when someone decides they are cool.


God, all of this scenestering is vomit. The notion that the cool kids are at ___ and you losers are all at ___, or vice versa, is just the revenant of high school bullshit come back to torture us.

Go where you want, drink and eat what you want, listen to what you want, wear what you want. Partition yourself if you want. But don't read me your list of fucking demands. 


The problem with hipsters is they leach off the actual freaks, artists, punks,queers ect. that create a cultural space what it is. While hipsters are laughing about the people that eat at Lola from their comfy seats at the bar of city o city... me and my friends will be laughing about the over priced food and drinks they pay for in the ally out back dumpstering their greasy remains. The people that had to make a list of cool hipster bars are just as one dimensional as the the peeps they're talking about that eat at Linger and Lola.


"Mike" sure seems like a giant douche.  I'll bet it's nigh intolerable to be in the same proximity of so much douchebaggery.


Go get another cheeseball tattoo, loser.

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