Ignite Updates Name and Concept to Keep Up With Larimer Changes

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Mark Antonation
The Ballpark neighborhood, upper Larimer and RiNo have merged into one long stretch of hot bars and restaurants, with new condos and apartments popping up like dandelions through cracks in the pavement. While the announced closing of Twelve was a blow to the neighborhood, with so many recent openings, existing restaurants are having to re-calibrate to attract new customers and fit in with what's becoming as much of a residential area as a destination spot for baseball fans and urban tourists. So Ignite!, seeing a need to adapt to a shifting demographic, has dropped the exclamation point and changed its full name to Ignite Burgers & Lounge. The menu has also received a renovation, favoring burgers over the previous list of wood-fired entrees.

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Mark Antonation
Ignite's rooftop bar with views of downtown, the mountains and a corner of Coors Field.
Although the new menu retains a few non-burger favorites like the green chile mac and cheese, tall and flamboyant burger stacks dominate the list. Starters also tend toward big and fun. with the kitchen's popular sweet and spicy bacon "man candy" and mounds of truffled fries topped in Parmesan aioli and curls of shaved Romano. The candied bacon features in the jalapeño deviled eggs, an iceberg-lettuce wedge salad and even in a Manhattan-style cocktail made more bacony with the addition of Mama Walker's Maple Bacon liqueur.

Mark Antonation
Ignite calls it "man candy," but women might enjoy it too.
Burgers teeter on their plates thanks to layers of ingredients and haystacks of lettuce. The Ignite burger, one of the more demure offering, still flaunts almost a half-pound of ground beef, bleu cheese, caramelized onions and bourbon-bacon jam. Taller still, the Moo burger ups the beef quotient with a thick layer of shaved roast beef cooked in a milk stout reduction and doused with green chile queso. Smartly, this juicy pile comes stacked on romaine lettuce to divert the sauces away from the bottom bun, but it's still a knife-and-fork burger.

Mark Antonation
the Moo burger with a side of truffled fries.
For the Hangover Cure burger, general manager Jake Kesler suggests standing up and using both hands to press the towering sandwich down to more manageable proportions. Piled with a hash brown patty, a fried egg, bacon and American cheese, the kitchen recommends a refreshing slice of watermelon, because as we all know, a burger eater has to maintain some sense of dignity.

Mark Antonation
A towering Hangover Cure burger with a side of watermelon.
Chef Jared Peterson says he loves working on new burger ideas; his favorite new creation was the Mahalo, with bourbon-glazed pineapple and jalapeño cream cheese, but he he prefers the Ignite when digging in for a meal.

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Ignite Burgers & Lounge

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Is a sandwich way too big to eat as a sandwich still a sandwich?

... or just bread, salad and meat piled on a plate?


Holy ampersands Batman.. 

Im not ever going there or to any other place that has that god-awful literary hipster faux Mayan symbol in their name. Restaurant consultants be damned, and you know who you are.. 

Mantonat topcommenter

@weege0011 It could just be economics. I might save a ton of money over the years printing "&" instead of "and" on menus. Not to mention the per-letter cost of outdoor signage. And think of all the classic "bar & grill" dives you'd have to avoid.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@weege0011 ... 

Some puerile consultant once said "Loud Restaurants are the Sexiest Thing in the World!"

... the ampersand is the auto-erotic orgasm

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Mantonat imagine how much they'd save in letter costs if they simply called it Ignite Burger Lounge.

You = economic apologetics fail

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