Our apple pot pie won second place at the Denver County Fair

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Denver County Fair
Our apple pot pie looks even better with a ribbon next to it.
Yesterday, we told you about our pie -- a pot-infused Dutch treat -- that we entered into the Denver County Fair's new marijuana category. Today we received word that our stoner slice earned a second-place ribbon from the judges in the "Best Sweet Infused Recipe" category (other than brownies, that is, which have their own category).

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It takes a lot of weed butter to make a good apple pot pie.
Other winners include a marijuana-infused vegan corndog (which is probably both the cause of and solution to the munchies), several brownies and a parfait-style layered dessert in a cup.

Although samples of the winning entries won't be displayed at the Marijuana Pavillion (for legal reasons), the ribbons and photos of the food will be displayed starting at noon today when the fair opens to the public at the National Western Complex.

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National Western Complex

I-70 and Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO

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Jose Montoya
Jose Montoya

Probably there at the fair. They have a whole tent.

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