Five Favorite Foods at the Taste of Colorado

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Brandon Marshall
The Taste of Colorado has been slinging food in Civic Center Park in some form or another since 1984, when the main event was called the Festival of Mountain and Plain -- resurrected from a festival of the same name in the late 1800s. Festival activities begin today at 11:30 a.m. and run through Labor Day weekend. You can wander the grounds aimlessly, sniffing the air for hints of something good cooking, or you can attempt to map out an eating itinerary based on the Taste's listing of over fifty restaurants, caterers and vendors. But if you're like us, you'll head straight for the tasty festival fare that's not normally available in area restaurants and the iconic Denver treats from the restaurants we tend to forget about the rest of the year. Here's a list of a few of our favorites.

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1) Turkey Legs from various vendors
It doesn't matter that these mahogany monstrosities aren't haute cuisine or the next cutting-edge food trend (unless you're a Paleo warrior); they're the ultimate street food, with a built-in handle and enough fire-roasted flavor to keep you interested as you stroll past lesser food booths. A good turkey leg will fill you up and leave you with a handy tool for swatting at flies, prodding away ankle biters or distracting police dogs.

2) Shrimp Cocktail from the Broker
Nothing says Colorado like a chilled mound of pink shrimp, right? Well, it does if you've been around long enough to be familiar with this downtown stalwart -- and the free shrimp cocktail that comes before every meal. There's nothing fancy about the way the Broker does it, just boiled shrimp in a bowl with a classic, tangy cocktail sauce. And while that may not be the most appealing dish on a sun-baked day, it's just the thing for this summer's cooler, wetter weather.

Funnel cake!
3) Funnel Cake from various vendors
Face it: unless you plan on making the four-hour, round-trip drive to Pueblo for the Colorado State Fair, there just aren't enough annual opportunities to gorge on funnel cake in Denver, so you have to get them when and where you can. Basically a doughnut concocted by someone too lazy to form the batter into actual shapes, the funnel cake takes on Rorschach-like forms from a bath in boiling oil. Go minimalist with a simple dusting of powdered sugar or indulge in a variety of canned-fruit toppings. And then find a shady place under a tree to nap away the rest of the afternoon.

Keep reading for two more of our favorite foods.

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TheFabulousMarkT topcommenter

Speaking of Tocabe, don't forget that they will be opening a second branch in Aurora before too long, in the old Le Peep spot at Parker/Havana.

It will be joined by additional branches of Which Wich? and Mad Greens.


Seriously, the best food at the Taste of COLORADO is a swamp creature of cajun and creole descent?  No thank you! 

Matt Hannan
Matt Hannan

A lot of good local restaurants have dropped out. I was very sad to see that Rosa Linda's is not there this year, their Nopales Salad was my favorite taste every year.

Reign Peace
Reign Peace

stopped going to taste of colorado and peoples fair.

Daisy Rothschild
Daisy Rothschild

Turkey legs and Funnel Cakes are Fair Food, not what I remember about Taste. I do remember when it was affordable and a cool way to explore different fare from Colo, including Rocky Mt. Oysters. That was probably 20 years ago!

Christopher J. Martinez
Christopher J. Martinez

Neither - That's Not the taste of Colorado - Local and Organic is as well as farm to table -

Mo Smith
Mo Smith

Copious amounts of crack.

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