Reader: Best Thai in Denver Has One of the Worst Parking Situations

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Rick and Noy Farrell opened Taste of Thailand twenty years ago this month. The restaurant has remained true to its goals -- authentic dishes made with fresh ingredients -- for the past two decades. But over that same period, dining habits have changed a lot (few people linger over lunch, for example), and so has the Englewood neighborhood where this Thai spot is located.

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Don't plan on finding parking in front of Taste of Thailand.
Says Denver Dave:
Best Thai in Denver -- no question. We'd go more often but the parking situation is really grim.
Are there other restaurants you skip simply because parking is impossible? Post your nominations for the town's worst parking situations below.

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Taste of Thailand

504 E. Hampden Ave., Englewood, CO

Category: Restaurant

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I rarely go anywhere in Lohi because of the parking situation. Paying to park in a neighborhood is ridiculous.


I've never had parking problems when eating at Taste of Thailand, although sometimes there can be a long walk.  However, both Old South Pearl and Old South Gaylord present problems. I feel guilty parking in front of people's houses on neighborhing streets, but there is generally no other solution.


I used to be a regular with my family at Parallel 17 (now P17) and tried to swing by Olive & Finch to pick things up on several occasions but failed. Between those 2 and Patxi's, there's no such thing as swinging by.  Too bad.


Anywhere in the Highlands that doesn't have valet parking.


Take another look Dave.  Granted, street parking is a problem, but our patrons are free to use the convenient SMC parking lot on the East side of our building. Today, Aug. 21 could be  difficult at lunch due to street paving in the neighborhood.  Hope to see you again soon.  Rick and Noy.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Jan89 " I feel guilty parking in front of people's houses ..."

You must be Catholic.

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